Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, HK

After collecting my driving license at the new HK School of Motoring’s new premises at Ap Lei Chau, D and I trotted over to Horizon Plaza which was just right across the road. I had heard that this 28-storey factory building houses numerous furniture, home furnishings and factory outlets at pretty good prices. Since D and I were already at this part of HK (we took Bus no. 671 from our place and the bus ride took about 40 min), we might as well checked out the place.

One thing to take note, the shops close between 6 to 7pm. And since it is quite out of the way, most people (I believe) would take a cab from Central to get there. For the trip back to wherever, there are a number of cabs waiting for customers at Horizon Plaza, so it isn’t much of a problem.

D and I went to the Lane Crawford Warehouse (25/F) which stocks up past season men and women clothings, bags and home furnishings. Some brands I saw yesterday: Chloe, Hugo Boss, D & G and Lane Crawford’s inhouse brands. Prices… quite good but the branded ones are still expensive (a nice pair of Chloe black pants cost HK$4.5k, down from its normal price of HK$7.9k). We didn’t get anything here, cos the things I was interested in are still too ex.

We also went to the Bluebell Fashion Warehouse (10/F Rm 17) which sells Paul Smith and a couple of other European brands. But nothing really caught my eye there.

Later we dropped by at:

Pullux Discount Books Co. (21/F Rm 01). A good selection of children’s books and toys.

Bumps to Babes (21/F Rm 14). Big store selling all things related to pregnancy and babies.

Viva Italia Supermarket (10/F Rm 13). Good selection of pasta, cheeses and italian wines.

It’s a good place to browse for stuff, away from the usual shopping districts in HK. However, some strategic planning must be in place ‘cos there are just too many shops in the building and since it is out of the way, you really want to make sure you utilise every minute there.

If I am looking for furniture/furnishings, Horizon Plaza is a good 0ne-stop venue to browse and be spoilt for choices. If it’s baby accesories/toys/pregnancy-related items, Horizon Plaza is also a good place to get some cheap but good stuff. If it’s fashion, well, if you don’t mind past season stuff, it’s an ok place to go to.

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