The Big Screen Effect

Even with the prompt release of the latest movies on DVDs or the latest in audio and visual technology in home theatre technology, nothing beats going to the cinema.

It’s funny how we would pay the money to stay in a darkened room with strangers and have our paths crossed for that one or two hours because of some similar taste in movies. During that short time, we would have been scared out of our seats when shocked by Jason, Freddy or the horrible Queen Alien battling Ripley; laughed at the silly slapstick antics of Stephen Chow kungfu fighting or God-Incarnate Jim Carrey; teared or reduced to a sobbing mess (the dark does prevent others from seeing messed up mascara or puffy eyes) when two persons who should be together finally get together or one of them dies cos of cancer or some sacrificial act in order to save others.

I do think the other attractive reason why I still go to the cinema, even tho’ the movie tics are at least 4 times more expensive now, is the social factor. Although everyone keeps quiet during the movie, it’s the discussion after that which is equally exciting. The sharing of views and personal experiences which are parallel to this make-believe world; filling up the gaps in the movies that I didn’t quite get (e.g. the Matrix Trilogy, I still need to watch that darn movie before I know what is really going on) or reconfirming those parts that I understood;  or just oogle at the guys (Brad Pitt as Achilles or Daniel “James Bond” Craig in his light blue swimming trunks).

Just 2 days ago, I watched 2 more movies, Babel and Happy Birthday

Now it isn’t cos of Brad Pitt that I had to watch Babel (well, actually not the main reason lah) but cos I wanted to see for myself what is so great about the movie which won the Best Drama Pic in the recent Golden Globes and a shoo-in for the coming Oscars. And my verdict, dang if it isn’t nominated or it doesn’t win Best Pic. It’s a great depiction of human communication, or the lack of it, in various levels and forms and how a seemingly insignificant act can develop into something totally out of control. Back to Brad Pitt, he isn’t the main lead, actually no one is in the movie. It’s one of those movies which is dependent on every character.

As for Happy Birthday, my friends wanted to watch it and since D couldn’t join us for our movie marathon, I had the opportunity to watch serious dramas and sappy romance. This HK production is quite heavy-going, meaning, please make sure you have tissues on hand. It’s another of those emotional roller-coaster rides and the feeling that it could happen to anyone. Afterall, anyone of us would have experienced feelings of insecurity, pain and fear of losing the one you love. Nicely done movie, even though as much as I like Louis Koo, still his tan is as fake as ever. It wasn’t surprising that women outnumbered the guys in the cinema during the show, and those few men who attended were probably “dragged” by their partners.

Next up, Blood Diamond.

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