I Passed, I Passed… My Driving Test That Is

What a great way to start off the year.

My Driving Test ResultsAfter spending almost HK$7.5k and months of driving lessons and lectures at the Hong Kong School Of Motoring, I have actually passed the driving test on the first try.

I had taken lessons with SSDC a few years ago when I was still in S’pore, but after failing the driving lesson (immediate failure when I hit the kerb during the 3-point turn), I didn’t retake it and well, that was almost S$2k down the drain.

D has been reminding me to take up driving again, and I was further encouraged (and challenged) to do so especially since he passed his driving test (took the van category which allowed him to drive vans, manual and auto cars) on the first try in ’06. And I am glad I did.

So there I was, having the usual knots in my tummy even though I know that I should just “heck” and do what I have been doing well during the lessons. Somehow during the short 15 minutes test, from the circuit exercises (i.e. parallel parking, 3-point turn & hill-stop/start) to driving along Nam Long Shan Road and returning to the school via Wong Chuk Hang Road, I managed to convince the tester that I am a safe driver. 🙂 I had some minor errors on my result slips, such as not using the mirrors sufficiently, didn’t engage the clutch/brake/accelarator properly, followed too closely etc,  but hey, I passed and that’s all that matters. 🙂

D had checked that I have to wait 6 months before I convert the HK driving license to a S’pore license, but seriously, I don’t know if we will need to do any theory or driving test in order to convert. D has already gotten his International license and perhaps that will speed up any processes (or take advantage of any loopholes) that S’pore Transport has in place.

I am just thankful to have passed (had left the results to God) and the next step would be to be a safe driver. I had just signed up for advance driving lessons to learn more about the horrible HK traffic conditions in locations like Tsim Tsai Tsui, Mongkok, Mid-Levels, Central etc and drive on the numerous expressways and various tunnels. And most importantly, learn to reverse and park (which wasn’t taught or tested cos the driving school doesn’t have that facility).

Mini Cooper SMaybe it’s time to think about the cars I would like to look good driving in 🙂 Mini Cooper, Golf GTi … hmmm 🙂

What a great day this has been. 🙂

5 responses to “I Passed, I Passed… My Driving Test That Is

  1. Congrats on finally getting your driving license Chris!!

  2. Congratulation Chris, I love mini copper…or 7 people vehicle is good for bouldering, when do we have the first ride?

  3. When r you buying one for me?

  4. hey congrats, although belated 🙂 the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. must drive often so as to gain confidence k? i miss driving… in fact i miss my car, vadar!

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