Lynn Hill

I have been wanting to blog on this but had to put it off until I had given my climbing friends the books as their Christmas pressies.
I came across the book “Climbing Free” earlier in Jul when I was back in S’pore while browsing in my fav bookstore, Borders @ Wheelock Place. It’s an excellent book, not just because it is written by Lynn Hill, one of the few pro female climbers who has reached such a top level in the sport. but also because Lynn Hill wrote about her passion and love for the sport.
Later, I googled for more info on Lynn Hill and found her blog (see sidebar “Blogroll”) and realised that her book is also sold on her blog and that she will autograph each copy that is purchased from her website. Dang, I thought to myself, it would have been great to have her autograph my book.
Couple of months later, I thought her books would make a nice xmas pressie for my climbing mates. And I sent an email to find out if the books could be shipped to HK using the email addy found on her blog, thinking that someone else (not Lynn Hill herself) will reply to me.
To my surprise, Lynn Hill actually replied to me and we communicated via email.
Sure, the books can be shipped to HK, just tell me how many you need and the shipping address. Lynn Hill wrote.
And I couldn’t resist… besides getting 3 paperbacks for my climbing mates, I also ordered a hardcover for myself (besides the original paperback that I bought at Borders in Jul).
Could you also personalise the copies? I wrote in another email.
For a number of weeks, there was no reply from Lynn and I thought, maybe I will just order from her website instead since Xmas was getting closer.
Personalised SoftcopiesAnd the next thing I know, D told me that the books had arrived and besides the books, Lynn Hill had included 4 VHS of her short documentary “Free Climbing The Nose” (as gifts). Besides that, she autographed every book, including a special note to me in my hardcover.
The other important thing was that Lynn Hill had sent the books to me even before I paid her. I mean, which company or seller would actually give you the goods before payment? She is quite trusting huh. Afterall I could have just kept quiet about receiving the books and perhaps deny that I had gotten it if she would ask. Of course, I wouldn’t do such a thing.
My Personalised CopyI quickly thank her for sending me the books and the tapes and most importantly, to find out the cost cos I wouldn’t want to owe her.

Having read her book, Lynn Hill is like an inspiration to me, so it was a real treat to communicate with her.

I dunno if Lynn Hill writes the same thing in every fan’s book, but u know wat, I don’t care about that. ‘Cos I sure am going to keep climbing and following my passion for travel and adventure in life.

Blessed Christmas to you and family, Lynn (if u do read this). Thanks a lot.

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