It Feels A Lot Like Christmas…

Great Balls of FireD and I got this set of cute, colourful xmas lighting as xmas pressie today over lunch at Bubba Gump from our climbing/diving mate (remember the fren who decided to name herself “Mola” during our recent Bali trip).
It’s beautiful, and sure have this romantic feel to it when the rest of the lights are turned off except these.

I was trying to find a place to put the lights up, and decided on the window area. Besides it couldn’t be any higher cos the the cable isn’t long enough to reach the power supply which is on the floor. As I tried to push the balls between the grilles and windows, one of the balls fell out of the window (the only one with the exposed bulb on the right of the photo).

I am quite lazy when it comes to putting up decorations for festive seasons (Xmas, Chinese New Year etc), cos of all that hassle putting up and taking it down later. But hey, these lights are absolutely appropriate and just a simple thing like that has created some kinda ambience. 🙂

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