New Climbing DVDs & Faye Wong CD

New addition to our climbing DVDs collection:
Dosage III, Dosage IV and First Ascent (all from Big Up Producitons). D helped me to purchase the DVDs from BigUp website cos he has a Paypal a/c, but I will be one to pay for them. So far, I have just watched Dosage III… no time to watch the others yet.

Bought Dosage III and IV ‘cos of Chris Sharma (both DVDs)  🙂 and the amazing climb up El Capitan by Tommy Caldwell (Dosage IV).

Couple of days ago, I was at HMV and bought the new Faye Wong double CD compilation album. The 1st CD mainly consists of songs from her earlier years as a singer while her recent songs are on the 2nd CD. It’s kinda interesting to listen to the way a singer’s style changes throughout the years. Anyway, Faye Wong is the only Chinese singer whose songs I actually know and follow… maybe it’s her style that I like and am attracted to.
Reminds me of that year (can’t remember which year now) when D, another fren and I went to watch Faye Wong’s concert in the Indoor Stadium in S’pore. We kinda were late in getting the tics and ended up with the cheapest, second last row from the back, quite pathetic seats… even the images on the Jumbotron TV looked so puny… that’s how far we were.
But Faye Wong was so cool, her voice ethereal… she doesn’t dance or have that sort of razzatazz showmanship, but her presence and voice… man, it’s just great to listen to her live.
Talking about concerts, I am watching iL Divo in Jan 07 with a fren. We were supposed to watch Kylie Minogue last year but it was cancelled due to her cancer. And we were supposed to watch Robbie Williams in HK in Nov but he cancelled the Asian tour… drats. Hopefully the cute blokes in iL Divo don’t “fly kite” this time.

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