My Xmas Pressie From D… iPod Video 30gb

 My pressie, the black iPod Video finally arrived  (I wanted to take actual fotos of my set but there is just too much reflection).

 Since engraving is free when buying the set from the Apple online store, I had the following engraved on this new set “Christina Tan 🙂 Psalm 34:4” (Similar to my old iPod Mini, except that the verse on that set was Psalm 18:2“)

Even though it’s bigger than my iPod Mini, but it’s thinner and sleeker too. I am pleased and happy with this new toy, especially since I now have 30gb of memory space to dump my songs, pictures and videos into.  If there is one minor issue I have with the iPod Video, it will have to be its shiny silver back. ‘Cos all that fingerprints just stick onto the metal, quite unsightly u know, especially since I am quite an OCF (i.e. Obsessive Compulsion Freak).

Ah, I need to look for a nice casing (btw the set comes with a simple black pouch, but one which I will have to take the iPod Vid in and out to use the Clickwheel), to protect the set in case I drop it and also to prevent fingerprint smudges.

New Casing with my Audio Technica ATH-ES7 HeadphonesUpdates (14 Dec 06):

I went to Wan Chai Computer Mall this evening after my driving lessons to look for a nice casing and screen protector (HK$40). I bought the blue plastic casing (HK$98) which not just protects my iPod Video from scratches but has a lil’ stand to prop my iPod Video upright too.

I just spent the last 2-3 hours uploading the following stuff – 500 songs (I have lots more in my HTPC but am tired of most of the songs) , 19 videos (mostly Chris Sharma’s bouldering clips) and the movie, Shrek 2.

So now, D and I will be glued onto our  Zen Vision M and iPod Video respectively while on the bus, MRT or plane. 🙂

Thanks D… love the pressie. Yeah 🙂

2 responses to “My Xmas Pressie From D… iPod Video 30gb

  1. welcome to the club! the ipod video is really great except for the battery life. especially when watching movies, it last just slightly less than 2 hours which is irritating when it dies just as you are about to finish the movie. My advice is to get an external i-juice for that extra power. Also you might want to get a video cable, that way you can plug in to any TV to watch the movie rather than on the ipod itself. Do wrap the ipod before any scratched get onto it, very impt! Enjoy your new toy 🙂

  2. Thanks for the advice… I will be using the iPod Vid mainly for music… as for movies, the small screen is bad for my eyes eh 🙂 Most of the clips I have on the iPod are less than 20 min, mainly climbing vids 🙂 Will be checking out some cases for the iPod later today. Yeah 🙂

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