D’s Early (Bo Pian) X’mas Gift

Zen Vision M

Why early?

‘cos I just bought D a black Zen Vision M (30gb) at the shop we usually patronise at Wan Chai Computer Mall today after we returned from Macau a few hours ago. Price: HK$1998 (about HK$200 cheaper than buying from the Creative Store)

Why Bo Pian ? (English equivalent/explanation: “Can’t be helped”; contextually speaking, it was something that had to be done)

‘cos D lost his Zen Micro last night. Zen MicroHe only found out that his little pouch containing his Zen which he clipped onto the shoulder strap had disappeared. After searching his bag and everywhere else, D concluded he had lost it, exclaimed a little and resigned to the fact that it is gone. Some lucky chap who has picked it up is definitely very gleeful with his find, but D mentioned that it has been giving him problems anyway (takes about a minute to boot up and hangs a few times).

Well, he has been looking at the new Zen Vision M just last week and showed it to me when I asked him what he wanted for Xmas. At that time, he wasn’t sure if he wanted another MP3 player cos he still had the Zen Micro. Like me, I was looking at the iPod Shuffle and my Mini crashed on me the 2nd time. Is there a lesson to be learnt from this? Do machines know that their time is up, that they may be unwanted and therefore exact revenge on the owners either by going kaput or leave their owners?

Anyway, I hope D likes his gift… It isn’t exactly the gift I wanted to get him, I had thought of buying a pair of Force Fins for him actually. But then again, I could still get the Force Fins for him during normal times, other than special occasions.

As for me, I am still using the Creative Muvo… not quite sure if I want the iPod Video even though D will get it for me as my Xmas gift. Will wait and see if D can fix my Mini after getting the hard disk replaced.


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