YouTube Problems In WordPress

For all those who have been trying to watch some youtube clips on my blog, you will have to wait (or just go to youtube & search for the clips) while the people at WordPress rectify the problem.

Just found out that this problem is affecting IE7… I believe the earlier IE versions should be ok. Also I have confirmed that  the youtube vidz work perfectly fine in Firefox. Another reason why D prefers to use Firefox (fewer problems), and he will be downgrading to an older IE version soon.

It was working fine yesterday and the days before, and I am keeping my fingers cross that everything will be ok soon. 

Knew that something like this will happen since I depend on one source for vidz. I had tried Google Video but realised it is a hassle to upload vidz onto WordPress (very easy to do so on Blogspot, no surprises since Google had bought over Blogspot) and gave up doing so.


Everything is back to normal in IE7. Thanks to the people in WordPress on resolving the issue. 🙂

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