The Weekend Thus Far

Weekends for me begin right after my last lesson on Fridays, which is about 12:20 p.m. That is if I haven’t been asked to relief any classes when someone is ill.

Plans would have been made prior to the weekends, and I must always remember to squeeze in suffcient rest time, which usually meant I will wake up after 11 a.m. on those precious 2 days. D has been the target of my grouchiness when the Zzz-Monster rears its ugly head.

This would have been quite a busy weekend, if not for the rain patches. I had a 2h driving lesson after school on Friday, followed by a long Divemaster lesson which required great effort to stay awake.

The next morning, I was supposed to go on a hike up Tai Mo Shan (highest point in HK) but I was praying hard that the weather would be bad and the hike cancelled. In the end, my prayers were answered and I could just snooze till 11.30. I took the next few hours to complete my climbing video editing and went climbing at the YMCA wall while waiting for a friend to finish her Improver course. Once I got home, it was back to figuring out how to use the Lightscribe-enabled DVD writer to burn the labels onto the DVDs.

As I am writing this boring post (I seem to be just rattling, what the heck!), the labels are being Lightscribed onto the DVDs; I am shouting every 5-6 minutes for D to wake up (I am the snooze button that doesn’t work 🙂 ); and the sun is out again which means we will be bouldering in Tsuen Wan later.

And…. I still haven’t set the Math SA Paper which is due this coming Thursday, and there are 2 sets of worksheets waiting to be marked. Drats.

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