“The Prestige” … Movie Night

The usual climbing gang went out for our first movie together after climbing last night. I had thrown out the invitation via email earlier in the week, and it was good to have everyone agreed to watch “The Prestige “.  (The movie was adapted from the book by Christopher Priest.)

Don’t click on the URL if you intend to watch the movie and haven’t watched it yet as the wikepedia link has the spoiler details.

What draws me to any movies is usually the actors, and well, I like Hugh Jackman 🙂

Later I realise the movie’s director is Christopher Nolan, who directed “Memento”. It is another movie that I enjoy… excellent plot and that the story is told from the ending to the start. Totally intriguing.

As for The Prestige, I enjoy it, particularly for its storyline and the protrayal of themes such as intense rivalry, obsession, secrecy and the loss of one’s individuality in order to fashion a particular image. And not forgetting the sci-fi bit on teleportation and clones.

After the movie, the few of us were discussing the various bits, catching up on those parts that we missed out or didn’t quite understand. And of course, having a little joke over teleportation/clone at the expense of my friend after she came out of the restroom.

I will give it 3 and a half spidees… 🙂

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