New Tech Toy… We’ve Got An HTPC & A LCD TV

Ok, I know some of you, my friends, will be shaking your heads, going tsk tsk and wondering if we will ever stop crowding our lives with tech stuff.

After the saga I had with my silly iPod Nano and having it R.I.P, it was good to get some retail therapy with D as we roamed the narrow alleys in Golden Computer Centre, Sham Shui Po (SSP), the premier place in HK for cheap and good DIY computer stuff.

Samsung LCD TV LA27T51BIt all started with the Samsung 32″ LCD TV we bought over from D’s colleague, at a real bargain of HK$4.8k. He had gotten this TV through a HSBC credit card deal where you use your credit card for some purchases and pay an additional amount (the same deal I had when I redeemed my white PSP some months ago).

Anyway the chap didn’t want the TV, cos he already has a 42″ plasma at home, so he decided to sell it to us.

Well, D has been using a 2nd hand 24″ Sony Trinitron since he moved to HK, and being the normal man that he is, a bigger, slimmer and cool-looking TV would be very much welcomed. (BTW, I had emailed Salvation Army to donate the Sony TV, and they are happy to take it.)

Now that we have the LCD, D had this idea of getting a HTPC, i.e. a Home Theatre Personal Computer and D convinced me that it would be a really good idea to do my backlog of video-editing on the LCD.

Here’s the list of stuff we bought to fix up our first HTPC:

1.  The Black Silverstone LC17BC Casing with multiple cards reader (SD, CF, Memory Stick Duo Pro etc) It’s a slick looking machine, reminds me of those high-end amplifiers I used to dream of getting.

2. Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (E6600 2.4G)  

I suggested getting the Core 2 Duo.

3. Asus MB-P5B-V Motherboard

4. Corsair Twinx RAM (2 x 1Gb, 800MHz)

5. Asus 16x DVDRW Drive   Cool, I can now record programmes off the cable TV.

6. Seagate 320 Gb HDD (SATA II)  

Will fill it up with all my raw footages, edited videos, my MP3s, pictures etc.

I have lost touch with how good or how fast these parts are, but D reckons we should spend a bit more so that the machine can last longer. So the grand total, split 50-50, would be about HK$4k per person. Quite a bargain actually, considering the sort of specs we have gotten. 

D will be loading the OS, transferring my video-editing card and my other 200+ Gb HDD containing all my raw footage from his PC to the HTPC later this weekend. He had just completed fixing up the LCD TV and connecting all the cables to the various components.

It’s is still very much work in progress, and will take a while before I can start editing on the biggie screen and not “fight” with D for the use of the PC.

And it’s times like this I am glad that I have a techie at home, who knows what parts to get, how to fix them up quickly (I used to do such things for my parents before I got married; it isn’t difficult but I do take a while to connect all those cables) and best of all, we share the fun.

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