My iPod Has Crashed Again … Folder Icon With Exclamation Mark!

Right now, I am doing everything that Apple Support has told me to do.

I have restarted the iPod so many times that I have lost count, and nearly lost my temper on the machine. I have re-installed iTunes 7.0.2 on all my notebooks and PCs (including the one in school), and it still can’t detect my iPod. Nothing seems to work.

I remembered setting my iPod onto the JBL On Time dock, same thing that I do every night before I go to bed, and was choosing a song to wake up to the next morning when the darn iPod froze on me. That was about 12 midnight, when I WAS GOING TO BED.

The next hour was a mad rush of going online and finding out what this new icon meant, and hoping that it would be an easy thing to fix. Unfortunately, it isn’t and well, one thing for sure, my iPod Mini (that I bought last April) has really given up on me.

Drats, D had only changed the battery and fixed a new hard disk just a couple of months ago.

D thinks that I had jinxed my iPod Mini cos just a couple of days ago, I had told him that the new iPod Shuffle 1Gb is quite cute and I don’t mind getting it.

Haiz, I have been looking at the new colourful iPod Nanos and even the 30Gb iPod (5th Generation) today.  Last April, the recently “dead” iPod Mini cost me HK$1.9k, while the new iPod Nanos 4Gb cost HK$1 550 each; iPod Nano 8Gb cost HK$1.9k and the 30Gb iPod cost HK$1 980.

I do think given the price that I paid last year, I should just get the 30Gb iPod now, but it is quite big even though it is slim. A part of me feels I should get the cheaper 4Gb Nano instead, who knows, maybe it will crash again one year later and if I get a cheaper one, I wouldn’t feel the pain.

I have decided to wait till Christmas since there would be a good chance that there will be discounts and good deals. So I am now back to using my trusty, very 1st MP3 player, the Creative Muvo2 (4Gb), while I ponder over which iPod to buy.

11 responses to “My iPod Has Crashed Again … Folder Icon With Exclamation Mark!

  1. i have borrowed my mates ipod nano 4gb and i was lisining to it to day and it just crased it wont even turn off i need to know how to fix it i have to give her it back tomorrow HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i was listening to my ipod nano 8gb in school switching the songs and suddenly it just crashed , the screen just stays on and none off the buttons are responding

  3. If your nano has crashed, you may want to visit the Apple Support site and reset your nano (
    However my gut feeling is, if you have the set for at least 18 mths, it’s Apple’s way of telling you to buy a new model. That’s what happened to me.

  4. hey hold down the menu button and the middle button at the same time then wait for the apple screen then press the menu button it worked for me

  5. Dude this freakin sucks! tell me what the hell i need to do to fix it????!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Nikki, I had tried everything found on Apple Support, but it didn’t work for my iPod Mini. Bought the iPod Video 30gb instead.

  7. yup holding down the middle button and the menu button for 6 secoonds will reset your ipod i guarentee that works. infact i promise that works……

  8. holding down the menu and middle button has just worked for me cheers everyone, im going to complain to apple this has happened to me 13 times in the last week i have got an ipod classic 30gb by the way

  9. Hold down the Menu button and the middle button at the same time, it will reset!!!!!!! wen u see the apple sign, press menu!!!

  10. thanx alot . it worked for me . do any of you know y this Happens

  11. there is a video at this site that shows you how to fix it.

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