Bali, Here We Come

In another couple of hours, D & I, together with another fren, will be on our way to Bali, for 4 days of diving and another 3 more days of R & R when another couple will join us. Can’t wait for the hols, it’s been quite a while since I last travelled (returning to S’pore doesn’t count, even tho’ it’s good to see family and friends), and I am thinking of all the various spa treatments and massages that I am going to have this trip.

We will be in Bali by 3pm this afternoon, a direct flight from HK, and will spend nights in Sanur, Tulemben and finally Kuta. Dive sites include various parts in Nusa Penida (heard the waters could be cold when the thermocline comes in and currents strong… I don’t like strong currents, they scare me), Liberty Wreck and other parts in Tulemben. Nice, hope to see more Mantas and Mola Molas.

And oh, Ratty is joining us on this trip too 😉

2 responses to “Bali, Here We Come

  1. yoho, good life leh! this time round enjoying urself in Bali…rem to take lotsa pics and show me when u come back in dec.

  2. Yeah, it was great fun, the diving was great, the company was wonderful… lots of sun, surf and sand… love it 🙂

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