Bouldering @ GoNature Indoor Gym

Weather was crappy today so we decided not to boulder at Shek O. Instead, together with 2 other climbing buddies and Rat, we went to GoNature Indoor Bouldering Gym. D was there on Saturday to reactivate his a/c and paid HK$450 for 3-month usage. Non-members like us will pay HK$40 per entry, but we need to go with a member ‘cos the gym can only be entered with a code-activated card.
Like the other one near our apt, this one is also housed in a factory block and it’s a short walk from Ngau Tau Kok MTR station. Of course, D & I could still walk home (or to APM for food) from the gym, except that it isn’t as near or straightforward as before.

We all agreed that this Gym is much bigger and more airy than the old one and definitely quieter than Climberland @ Wan Chai. Well, maybe it’s quieter cos we were there around 10.30am on a Sunday morning, so that explains why, besides the 4 of us, only one other local came by to boulder for about 90 min. As before, this gym is still a dusty place given the amount of chalk used in the gym and well, this is HK… dust is everywhere and worse in an industrial area like Kwun Tong. I am just glad that my nose didn’t act up today as all the windows were wide opened to help with the ventilation.

We had a go at some of the routes, some easy whilst others are quite tough. D used the time to work on his overhang techniques, and he is getting better at it every time. I like to see how he latches on the holds, without bending at the elbows, swings his body around and uses his feet to either hook or push on the holds before reaching for another. Core muscles (i.e. the abdominal area) are necessary for this sort of climbing/bouldering cos it’s the core that controls the body and allow for controlled swings or lifting the legs upwards onto the various holds.

Bouldering is good training for techniques, cos you can really twist, turn and stretch parts of the body that may not quite be utilised whilst climbing. But all these help to shape the way the person climbs, and well, you never know when you need the body to do something outlandish whilst on the rocks. I now know which parts of my body are seldom pushed or used, ‘cos those are the areas which are currently sore.

This is also Rat’s first bouldering session, and well, he seemed to enjoy it. 🙂 

The 4 of us reckon that we will be here often, alternating between top-roping @ YMCA TST, lead climbing @ King’s Park, outdoor climbs/boulders at Tung Lung, Beacon Hill and Shek O, and training at GoNature, in preparation for our Krabi trip this Xmas. 🙂

3 responses to “Bouldering @ GoNature Indoor Gym

  1. i like bouldering so much is that it is hard and very social. people will gather around and work on one porblem until fingers can take no more. although bouldering is good for the skill improvements, it lacks the endurance training, so keep climbing in rope is a must. keep training hard la.

  2. Yes, agreed wif you. It’s impt to continue climbing with the rope, endurance is something i m lacking actually, something I have to work on. Oh, and I viewed your nice fotos of the boulders at Dover Island (hope i got that rite)… very nice… may i ask which part o the world is Dover Island in actually?

  3. i am currently in New Brunswick, Canada. not a place that tourists will go.

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