Fun-filled Weekends… Best way to end the work week

Today, being a day of rest and relax, D & I woke up at 3pm in the afternoon. Oh, you may say, that we have wasted a perfectly good Sunday. Well, I woke up a couple of times in the morning, and found it difficult to keep my eyes opened to focus on the clock. My barely-awake brain rationalised that I didn’t have much to do anyway and I could afford to go back to bed.

D & I have good reasons for sleeping in today as we had a busy day yesterday – Climbing @ Tung Lung in the day and party at my colleague’s place later at night.

Saturday Morning – Climbing @ Tung Lung: 

My shoulders and thighs are still aching from climbing on Saturday. D & I, together with our usual climbing buddies, were at Tung Lung Chau again. It was a glorious day, nice blue skies and equally great company. We decided to beat the crowd and took the earliest ferry (0830h) from Lei Yue Mun and reached the Technical Wall around 0915. The tide was still quite high, and the waves would splash over the right-most bedrock flooding that section while we belayed.

D and Simon set up 2 routes while we gals, waited and listened to some good jazz music playing from my iPod Mini & portable speakers. It was a great way to start off Saturday and we had the place to ourselves before the crowd came in swarms later in the morning.

One “scary” incident occured while I was belaying my friend and being “blur like sotong” (Singlish for not being aware of things; can also mean being ditzy), it was only after the incident then I realised what a close call I had. Apparently some idiots had either looked over the edge and accidentally kicked some loose rocks over the edge, which fell off the Technical Wall down towards us climbers/belayers below, or purposely threw rocks down at us. Anyway, I felt one of the rocks fell onto the tip of my big toe and jumped off my Tevas, and mini-seconds later, saw another larger one landed some 20cm on my right. During that short time, I was still holding on to the rope while my friend was scaling the wall and was unscathed as she was under a small rock roof.

When the rocks landed around me, some of the guys shouted at whoever was above and told them to stop. Two of my climbing buddies mentioned that they saw 2 females running off without even apologising. Idiots…

God and His angels were watching over me and the others that day. The odds of my head being cracked opened by those falling rocks were quite high, judging from the rocks near me, but well, I got to live another day. 🙂

We packed up and left around 2.30pm so that we could catch the 3.40pm ferry back to Lei Yue Mun as we had to go to a party later that evening. Besides, it was getting too crowded, and noisy. Funny how people leave HK in search of some solitude to “escape” from the crowd, but ended up jostling for some space even on Tung Lung.

BTW, besides climbers, Tung Lung was packed with campers and hikers.

Saturday Nite – Party @ Nicky’s:

After a quick shower and coffee, we went to my colleague’s “Out-Of-Bounds” rooftop for a Mid-Autumn Festival party. Her apt near Southorn Sports Ground @ Wan Chai is too small for so many people, hence the rooftop. We were, in fact, gathering there illegally as the security people at her block didn’t allow her to throw her party there when she went to ask. But I suppose that didn’t stop her, and I am glad she went ahead with her plans, cos we had fun.

There was booze, food and great company. We even celebrated 4 of my colleagues’ b’days as all are turning one year wiser this October. Nice….

Sunday Late Afternoon – Meant to Boulder But Ended Up Shopping:

After we woke up and had our usual cuppa, D & I decided to check out the Go-Nature Bouldering Wall near our place. We used to go there quite often last year, mainly cos the wall YMCA was undergoing renovation and well, we could walk to Go-Nature from our apt.

Anyway, it is closed now, all the thick gym mats and bouldering walls have been stripped off and we don’t know where it has moved to. D faintly remembered reading about it and thinks he can find out its new address. I think it would be a good idea, especially as an alternative to YMCA, and it would be a good place to further our training.

Since we were in Kwun Tung, D and I dropped by at the factory outlets nearby. Well, D hasn’t been there and I thought since it was still early for dinner, we could check it out. By the time we were out of there, it was already dark and we had bought stuff from Adidas.

Just before we got home, we dropped by at the electronic games store near the MTR station and well, I owe D a game (D reminded me that I promised to pay for one PSP game when he did something… which I faintly remembered saying something like that). Anyway, I paid for a 2nd hand MotoGP PSP game.

I will trade in my Ridge Racer and this other game bundled together with my white PSP on another day, and get either the Grand Theft Auto or Doom.

I should be going to bed soon, back to reality and work in another 6 hours. Can’t wait for the next weekend. Maybe we could go to Shek O next Sunday and try out my new crashpad. 🙂

2 responses to “Fun-filled Weekends… Best way to end the work week

  1. yes it has move for quite awhile now. it is a lot bigger. here is the address,
    GoNature’s new address: FT A, 13/F, TAK LUNG IND BLDG, 179 WAI YIP STREET, KWUN TONG KLN
    or you can read this thread at
    keep climbing!

  2. Thanks. I took a look and will check out the place soon.

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