Cool Designs If Money Was Not An Issue…

Haiz, I am a sucker for cool designs and well, these things don’t only have to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but must also have some obvious practical uses.

Found these things while scouring the net for all things cool and have the “Wow” factor.

1. Comfort Sphere

‘The Comfort Sphere is conceived as a solitary, holistic sensory space for use at trade fairs and exhibitions. It offers visitors a space for individual experiences, for taking in information and for entertainment…. Featuring high-end hi-fi and multimedia equipment, it offers a broad range of uses for communication and presentation purposes. An integrated audio system exclusively developed by Dynaudio gives the user a previously unknown audio experience. The Comfort Sphere welcomes the visitor with its open side. After sitting down the visitor starts the presentation by rotating the sphere. “

2. Silverfish Underwater Camcorder Housing

SILVERFISH is an underwater housing for camcorders, designed against the trend of the well-known underwater housings that are only suitable for specialist camcorders, or for only a few specific models…SILVERFISH is compatible with approximately a hundred different camcorder models. It is designed for amateur and professional film-makers alike.”

D bought me a 2nd hand Ikelite Underwater Housing, bundled with a Sony Camcorder (PC5) and other accessories from ebay last year as my b’day present. It has served me well on a couple of diving trips now. If the Silverfish is compatible with my other Sony Camcorder (the newer PC350E) and more importantly, it isn’t too expensive or that it is actually available in this part of the world, I don’t mind considering it.

3. BMW BabyRacer & BMW Kids Bike

I like BMW vehicles, bikes or cars, and obviously my kids will appreciate the sturdy German design.

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives, these are just kinda cute.

4. BMW K 1200R

 We used to tour quite a bit on our VFR 800 (nicknamed “Blue Pigeon”) and after coming to HK, D sold it and we are now keeping busy with other activities.

D likes the K1200R (actually he used to think about getting a BMW F650) and well, if I have my millions, I don’t mind getting him this toy. Afterall I will get to be on it too.

But for now, D will just have to look at pictures and read about it instead.

5. BetteContura

I like the clean and minimalistic design. Since I like standing in the shower letting the water run over my head down to my feet (very therapeutic and relaxes me), the 2 big showerheads would be a nice addition.

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