Backspace “FLOAT “

One word, “Awesome”. This is the 1st instalment in a series, according to its creator. Can’t wait for the others….

4 responses to “Backspace “FLOAT “

  1. hi chris, this is a really cool video! how did you manage to find it in youtube? like looking for a needle in a haystack! how do you do a link in your blog?


  2. yeah, I find this video to be very thought-provoking… I somehow just stumbled upon it one day cos it was on the homepage… must be a new release on that day.
    Wordpress allows me to link youtube videos by typing . Quite easy.

  3. i see. am thinking of switching over to your wordpress which seems much more user freindly but that would mean having to inform everyone…

  4. Well, it will be easy for you to make the change to WordPress since you have just started blogging on Blogspot. WordPress can automatically transfer your blog entries from Blogspot to its server/platform but one word of caution, you will need to re-insert all your fotos.
    I use Flickr to be my fotos database, which also allows me to blog to WordPress from within Flickr.
    No complaints about WordPress… it’s good.

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