Bouldering @ Shek O

Funny how the weather decides that Sunday is a good day to turn lousy, after all that nice blue skies we had from Monday to Saturday.

So there we were, stuck in the eatery at Shek O, waiting for the sky to clear up. We had comtemplated whether to postpone this outdoor bouldering session to another weekend and go to our usual indoor wall at YMCA. But it seems like no one wanted to make the decision, maybe it’s ‘cos it’s Sunday and it isn’t a good day to wreck one’s brain over such an issue.

So we waited, ate, and waited… and engaged in a “political” discussion how the so-called “Vermicelli fried in Singapore style” can’t be found in S’pore (only in HK, and likewise, “Hongkong Noodles” that we find in S’pore can’t be found in HK itself). Moreover S’poreans don’t ever fry their noodles with curry powder, unlike those we find in HK.

Finally the weather seemed to have improved and we trudged down the path towards the boulders. It was my first outdoor bouldering session, and it was helpful to have 3 experienced local boulderers (2 of whom are full-time staff @ YMCA and the 3rd was Ah Jun, my instructor) giving us beta and helping us along.

Just like the yucky weather, I was still not 100% well… my nose was still stuffed but I just needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Moreover, no way was I going to miss this… Somehow, I summoned the right amount of physical and mental strength to redpoint a couple of routes.

I was just reflecting on the day’s activity, and realised that my best climbs were actually times when I shut out everything, and visualised each move before committing them. Sometimes the beta may help, sometimes it doesn’t, but you just have to keep trying. Maybe it’s the way my fingers wrap around the hold, or the part of my shoe that touches the rock, or how I shift my body for a good balance… so many different possibilities and variations.

D did well, as usual, and I am glad that he is enjoying himself and taking pride in what he can do, and humble enough to know what he can’t. But he will still try until he gets it, and it means a lot to me to see that twinkle in his eyes and silly grin when he made it. 

It’s days like these that I feel we are really living, not just working our arse off, but just enjoying the moment.

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