In Memory: 9/11

Each time I see pictures or video footages of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center Towers, it still saddens me.

I remembered that I was in my room, watching the TV and suddenly the picture of the burning tower (before the 2nd plane hit the other one) appeared, and I thought it was just another movie. It took awhile to register that this was no Hollywood movie that I had stumbled upon while channel surfing, but a news broadcast. Suddenly the 2nd plane appeared on the left side of my 14″ TV screen, looking so small and crashing right into the other tower. Shock took over me, and I immediately called D, who was having coffee with some friends in a coffeeshop. He had actually saw the images but since he was seated a distance away and the place was noisy, D thought it was a movie trailer.

The world saw evil in all its glory that day, but then again, history has recorded many such incidents, albeit evil in different forms. It’s just that, for someone like me, who was born years after the war, racial riots and general hardships, and living in relatively peaceful times, it’s easy to take things for granted.

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