Tired Of People Squeezing Behind My Chair

I have been given a new location in the staffroom this academic year. In a way, I am glad that I am somewhat “hidden” away from the aisle and it’s a location which is very near to the printers. Especially good when I send stuff to print, ‘cos I don’t have to walk too far to retrieve it.

But, colleagues have been using my already narrow space to “squeeze” their way to the printers. I am generally ok with it, especially if I am NOT at my seat. However when I am deep in my thoughts planning my lessons or marking my never-ending stacks of Math books, I really don’t like having people using my area as a short-cut. Even if they apologise or say “Excuse Me” seconds before squeezing by, I still don’t like it. Thank God it doesn’t always happen.

I am tempted to print this sign and stick it on the wall behind me as a notice to everyone, but a certain someONE had informed us that we are not to print coloured stuff cos it’s very expensive, especially for private usage, but this is in a way it is still related to my wellbeing in school. Sigh.

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