New Phone, New Rock Shoes… HK is a place of sin

Talk about succumbing to temptation, and not intending to buy anything but ended up with something.

We were with a friend at the HK Mountaineering Shop (Mongkok) cos she wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. While she was trying out different pairs, Mad Rocks, Five Ten & Boreals, and I had nothing else to do but just picked up those pairs that she tried and put them on.

And that’s when IT happened… like Cinderella, I found a pair that fit me perfectly. The price was reasonable, about HK$100 more than my Mad Rock Hooker that I bought somewhere late last year, and after a 20% discount (later on, I was given another 5% more), the price was looking even better.

Drats, this is what happens when the shopping bug just bite your butt when u least expect it.

I still have my nice Mad Rock Hooker Velcro and I enjoy climbing in it. Except that in recent months, the shoes have developed some wear and tear, but they are still fine. Awww, D will say that I am giving myself reasons why it’s ok to buy a new pair of shoes.

So now, I am the proud owner of the Five Ten Anasazi Slipper… although I don’t quite find slippers to be that secure (afraid it will slip off in the middle of my climb), but this pair fits me so well, and I like the colour too.

Oh, and my friend bought these snazzy yellow Boreal Ninjas.

We went to climb after our little shopping spree, and she was able to climb very well. I can’t say that the shoes did that, ‘cos I am a firm believer of the doctrine “It isn’t the gear, it’s the person using it”, but I must say different shoes do handle different types of climbs better. The newer shoes have those sticky soles which do help when smearing or edging on micro edges, gving the climber more confidence to climb.

Now, I am thinking of buying another pair of fins to use for diving. I tried the Force Fins on Saturday (exchanged with my instructor in the water while waiting for 2 other divers to “rescue” me as part of their Rescue Diver Scenario), and found that minimal finning effort was needed. It took a while to get use to finning with the Force Fins, but I must say it’s a pair of nifty fins. Heard that the US Divers or Special Forces use them. The only thing is the cost of the Force Fins, even after discount, it will still be about HK$1.8k. So expensive.

Just 2 weeks ago, I bought my Nokia N80 (see post “It’s Not A Matter Of If, It’s When” under Tech Talk) and I like the good picture quality. Since I am using a prepaid card, I am unable to utilise the various functions (3G, GPRS etc), but I am not complaining. It’s just something I wanted to reward myself with anyway.

D doesn’t bother much if I buy stuff ‘cos his only criteria is that I use the things I buy and not have them collecting dust. More importantly, he isn’t paying for them. 🙂

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