I m Going to Gold Coast for Staff Retreat… Don’t Envy Me

This time tomorrow, I will be in Gold Coast for a 3 days 2 nights Staff Retreat which will be filled with meetings and team-building activities. This Staff Retreat is an annual affair which gives us opportunities to get to know one another (especially for the newbies) and allow us to build trust and rapport while participating in the team-building activities.

For me, this will mean that school is going to start very soon, in a week’s time actually, and that my days of waking up no earlier than 10am are over. Drats.

I suppose it is necessary to get myself ready for the new academic year especially since I will be taking my first Primary 6 class. By the end of this 2006/07 academic year, I would have taught all levels except Primary 1. In my short teaching career (almost 7 yrs, hmm, does the “7 years itch” apply in this case?),  I have been teaching mainly Primary 4s and 5s, and never a P6 class.

I am all packed up and still mulling over whether to bring my Toshi along to do some blogging at night, ‘cos the hotel website states “Wireless Broadband Internet Access Service”. Or maybe I should just be friendlier and hang out with my colleagues instead.

Sigh, I will miss D the next 2 nights ‘cos he usually tucks me in bed.

Oh, 3 days 2 nights could be too short a trip for Gold Coast Australia, but it’s just right for Gold Coast Hong Kong. Heheh. ;P

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