Retail Therapy @ Yip Fat Factory Bldg in Kwun Tong

This is a wonderful way to spend a Monday… no need to go to work ‘cos it’s still the school vacation, some additional cash to spend from my performance bonus (given by my school based on my work performance in the last academic year), husband’s out working hard while the wife spends some money. Good life…

Before you think that I had spent a fortune, lemme say that… I didn’t. My colleague and I spent the afternoon roaming the dingy corridors and shops in a old factory building in Kwun Tong. Behind the dirty-looking facade, the factory houses a number of factory outlets selling past season apparels and shoes of famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Bathing Ape etc. I realise what retail therapy meant this afternoon, mainly ‘cos there was no urgency and we could take our time to look for the things we want.

My damage? A pair of Adidas pants (HK$153/S$31), a Baby Milo Tee (HK$50/S$10), a Nine West leather belt (HK$124/S$25) and a pair of DSquared2 jeans (HK$266/S$53). For D, I bought him an Adidas sleeveless top (HK$100/S$20) and a Baby Milo Tee (HK$50/S$10). Besides the fact that all these items are already at marked down prices, we received an additional 30-40% discount, which made us very happy customers.

It doesn’t bother me much that these items are from the previous seasons, as long as the design catches my eye and the price is right, I am a happy shopper.

One interesting shop we went to has a section with a number of plain Converse shoes that have special pictures painted on them. On closer look, these pictures are illustrations from a renowned Taiwanese author/artist Jimmy Liao, whose book was made into a Chinese movie of the same name, “Turn Left, Turn Right”, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro (he’s so cute but Hideaki is cuter) & Gigi Leung. 

According to my colleague, the shop has obtained the rights to use Jimmy’s illustrations and paint them on the Converse shoes. Customers just need to choose a illustration from the various samples or Jimmy Liao’s books and wait for about 10 days. The price tag is from HK$150 onwards, depending on the complexity of the illustrations and the type of shoes (e.g.: flats, high-cut, laced-up). Not too expensive for a specially illustrated Converse… I was looking at the paints that they used, not sure if they are waterproof. It’s a nice idea, but I wasn’t that interested.

 At the Adidas outlet, I saw a no. of baby and toddlers shoes… so cute, every single one of them. My colleague bought this World Cup Brazil gift set for some newborn, who doesn’t quite exist yet. I especially like the little yellow ski cap… I had to get a grip and exercise some self-control before my maternal instincts take over me.

I didn’t realise the building at Kwun Tong was so near my apartment at Laguna City, in fact I can actually walk there from my place. Later in the evening, I showed D the things I bought (he likes his Baby Milo tee) and he wants me to take him there this weekend. Gee, it’s nice when your partner is on the same page as you, and willing to go shopping together. Cool.

3 responses to “Retail Therapy @ Yip Fat Factory Bldg in Kwun Tong

  1. Wow… Sounds like a good place for Wendy and I to buy some stuff. Where abouts in Kwun Tong is it?

  2. Kancheong Spider

    I believe Wen has been there before… we were taken there by the same person. 🙂 Still, the building is within walking distance from the Kwun Tong MTR stn, exit B, and walk down the steps to Wai Yip Factory Building. There are 2 exits which can be quite misleading, take the 2nd exit you see.

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