Introducing GBuy … PayPal’s Killer

Not the actual logo, taken from

Heard from a good fren over lunch yesterday, about the name of Google’s online payment system (supposed to be launched on the 28 June, but no news yet) and that it is expected to compete for the online payment market currently dominated by PayPal.

See the following for the technical ; CNET

The people over at Google must be thinking that there are so creative and smart to come up with the name to this new online payment system. Trust the angmohs/gweilos to think that the name is so cool, easy to remember and definitely connected to Google; just like those folks over at Apple coming up with anything that starts with the letter “i”.

But hor, there is a certain part of the world, albeit a very small part compared to the millions out there who don’t speak Singapore’s version of Hokkien, the frigging name “GBuy” is really vulgar leh.

For those who belong to the rest of the world, “GBuy” is a pun of the Hokkien term used to describe the female’s vagina.

Imagine going on eBay and buy things with your GBuy… Heheh.

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