Rock Hudson

I was in the restroom last night after watching Umizaru 2 in the new Cathay Picturehouse (kudos to the nice decor), and looking at me while I peed was Rock Hudson.
I remembered some years ago when I was having tea at my ACSP colleague’s house and these ladies were talking about Rock Hudson. They kept laughing and talking about him, and well, I had no idea who he was. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and asked them who was this bloke.
This lady, who is now my colleague in SIS(HK), turned to me and was so surprised that I didn’t know who Rock Hudson is, and questioned my age. Hehe, he was before my time, which explained why I had no clue. However I do remember the Beatles though. πŸ™‚

Can’t be helped that I was the youngest in that group right?!?

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