Ear Wax

This afternoon, Singapore’s 41st National Day, D decided to clear out my ear wax. This would be the first time he does some “housekeeping” on my ears, and my first time in years.

My mum used to do this for my brother and I; and I remember how as kids, we would sit on this small red stool keeping perfectly still while my mum sticked the short, narrow metal rod with a tiny spatula into our ears. The tendency to squirm away from her and the fear that she would render us deaf were great, but she held our ears with her strong fingers and scolded us when we moved a tad bit. Over the years, I took this for granted and realised that I actually miss my mum and her simple acts of love and kindness.

So since getting married and moving out of my parents’ place, my ears have not been touched. And I don’t have the courage to do the digging on my own, knowing how clumsy I am. I just left it to nature to clear the trash out of my ears, and so far, it has been quite ok.

So there I was this afternoon, lying on my side with my ear facing upwards, feeling absolutely vulnerable. D held the tool in his fingers and repeatedly told me to stop squirming ‘cos he hadn’t even done anything yet. I tried to relax but realised this is a major leap of faith. After all that vows 4 years ago before God, and believing that I can trust this man in everything, I realised that trust didn’t come easy while D prodded my ears and scrapped whatever he could find.

The verdict: My left ear is quite clean, but my right is horrendously clogged with soft wax that stick to the sides of the inner ear which D couldn’t do much. When I return to HK, I would need to use my ear drops and soften those wax before D can try again.

2 responses to “Ear Wax

  1. Chris – go try ear candling instead! They should offer it at most beauty / spa places. It’s safer and really gets the goo out…

  2. Kancheong Spider

    Yeah, i heard abt it, but oso heard some bad press… Whatever it is, i don’t like things sticking into my ears lor.

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