Dinner @ Kulai JB

D’s friend drove us to Yew Ming Restaurant at Kulai last night for dinner. Years ago, D and a few of his close friends, who were all riding big bikes (VFR800, BMW GS1100, ZX1100 etc) then, would just take off for a good dinner and a short ride out of cramped S’pore.


The food is still as good as before, and obviously money worth (even with the almost 1 hr drive cos of the usual Causeway jam and all the tolls) given our stronger S$. We ordered 8 dishes, shared amongst only 4 people, and the dishes included Black Pepper Crabs, Cod Fish (both steamed & Fried), Prawns done in 2 styles (fried and braised in brandy), fried huge-cup.jpgTapioca Leaves with chillies,  Yew Ming’s signature beancurd, Hotplate Ostrich Meat, huge  BBQ Pork Ribs and the important black sauced Malaysian-style Hokkien Mee. Altogether the dinner came up to RM$213 (including drinks), which is about S$100. It’s yummy & cheap.

The fruit juice comes in these huge glass mugs, which is as tall as the 600ml mineral water bottle, but bigger. I reckon the capacity of the mug is about 1 litre. I suppose after all that food we ate, it’s good to wash it all down with all that fruit juice. Healthy living… 🙂

Those were the days when we would be flying down the straights at about 160km/h onwards and hugging the corners, bodies & machines almost at 30-45 degrees to the roads. I would feel the force of the wind smashing into my Arai helmet, and huddle behind D, while we become one with our VFR800 aka “Blue Pigeon”.

Those were also the days when we were still much younger and could take the speed much better than now. D commented in the car last night that his heart would not be able to take the crazy and risky speeds he had milked from himself and his bike.

Now, most of his friends have all grown up and looked fondly on those times in the past where time and mortality stood still, where all the various road trips were taken in the heat of the day or horrid rainstorms, when swarms of insects which kamikazed into all parts of the bike and the rider (sometimes the pillion gets it too) and the occasional bird which flew right into the bike and splattered its body parts everywhere.

Those were the days when I had to lie to my parents if I wanted to go with D and his friends, ‘cos my parents didn’t think it was safe at all to be on the bike, and worse riding at night to JB. And most importantly, in our 1st year of dating, they didn’t know about D.

Many things have changed, but one thing that hasn’t is that the food at Yew Ming Restaurant is still as good.

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