The Devil Wears Prada

I met up with my secondary mates and we were at NYDC for our customary dessert and chatted over mudpie and cappucino. My good friend happened to be just in front of this stuff toy and I thought it cute to take a “superimposed” shot.

 image795.jpg  image794.jpg                    

devil-wears-prada.jpgIt kinda reminded me of the book “The Devil Wears Prada” and well, my friend did carry a Prada bag… haha. That’s where the similarities end though, nothing like the impossible boss in the book. Still considering whether to buy this book to read or just wait for the movie to come to my part of the world. Read the review and find it to be quite an interesting story about the impossible boss of all impossible bosses… hmmm, if it is set in a school’s setting, I can think of a few Principals who could vie for top honours.

lakehouse.jpgTalking about movies, I am trying to talk D into watching “The Lake House” (a remake of a Korean movie) with me. A lovey sappy movie that is different from the usual violent and action-packed ones he enjoys though.

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