NE SHOW (National Day Parade Preview For Pupils)

Funny how life has it that I should watch my first NE Show with pupils from HK and as someone who is working and living overseas. Somehow in my years of teaching in S’pore, I wasn’t required to attend the NE Show.

Together with 2 colleagues, we met at Kallang MRT Station earlier to walk to the National Stadium so that we will know the route well. Along the way, an army guy who was driving by stopped and asked me if we wanted a lift. I had to politely decline even though he was kinda cute, the car was kinda cool and we were all very hot.

When we were at the stadium, I asked a couple of cute army guys (from the Guard Unit) for directions to Gate 4. Once we reached there, I asked another Guard if he knew of an easier route to walk to the National Stadium from Kallang MRT, and he directed me to Captain Adrian Lim, who took down my number, gave me his namecard and told me he would check for me. Captain Lim had a pair of Oakley and looked quite stern and expressionless. While on our walk back to Kallang, I received a few text messages from him which were quite casual and friendly, totally opposite from my 1st impression.

After the show, while walking back to Kallang with the pupils, another Guard came up to me and asked if he could help me with some of the bags I was carrying. I felt tempted but declined again, and told him to help my other boss (the Principal’s Assistant).

My colleagues began making fun of me of how guys are helping me (they forgot that they will benefit too) and reminded me I am still married. DUH…

image756.jpgimage757.jpgAnyway, the NE show was quite impressive; the atmosphere is definitely different watching it live as compared to watching it on telly. My favourite is still the fireworks display, and I must say that this year’s theme song is very nice… brings tears to my eyes ‘cos the lyrics, although simple, are meaningful. I am giving it 4.5 out of 5 Popcorns.

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