Climbing DVDs – “A Day In The Life of 5 Women Who Climb” & “Inertia 1 & 2”

aday_cover2.jpgI bought 2 climbing DVDs last night and watched “A Day In The Life”. It is about 5 accomplished female climbers, their thoughts on climbing and life in general, and the obvious climbing/bouldering sequences. I think D may find there is too much talking in this dvd, but I find their views on life in general when applied to climbing and vice versa make lots of sense to me.
This dvd was made in 2001 and it also include interviews done in 2005 on how life has changed for them since the dvd was made.
I especially like what Tiffany Levin Campbell said, “Always flow before you force.” She trained really hard to get to where she is in the climbing fraternity (imagine doing pull-ups on small footholds… thatz crazy) and she realised later that it is not just about strength and forcing each holds when climbing.
I realise that is what I have been doing at times during my climbs, and also in my life. Do I always need grab the horns and tire myself out before I even start? Should I be so bothered about how my life will end up, whether in S’pore or HK, whether I am a mother or a wife, whether I am employed or further my studies, whether I should change my career or do something else?

inertia_cover.jpgI haven’t watched Inertia yet, but it is more a guy’s kinda dvd… lots of power, grunts and amazing climbing & bouldering scenes (according to the salesperson at the shop).

See > for more info on the dvds

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