Bus Uncle

This 6-minute clip (taken by a fellow passenger using his/her mobile phone) is currently one of the most-viewed, most talked about thing in HK and in a way described the kinda pressure cooker society that Hongkongers are in.
Basically the young chap in the clip had asked the grumpy middle-age man to lower down his voice as the latter was talking too loudly on his phone. And that bascially triggered a whole lot of reaction from the old bloke. It’s interesting to see how the young man kept his cool in the midst of all that craziness. (Warning: Vulgarities ahead)D mentioned that if it was him, he would have punched the old man. I told him that would make you to be on the same low level as the old man, it would be pointless to engage in any physical contact with the crazy old guy.
I suppose I am not surprised to know of such things in HK, in fact, I had seen how quick guys here (young or really old) get into fist fights over small issues. Like the time when we were waiting for the train after the visit to Lowu, Shenzhen, and this old guy started screaming at another younger chap for jumping his queue. But the latter wasn’t, still he reacted and punched the old man. When we finally got on the train, the police was there but the old guy was still going on and on.

It seems scary, especially since I come from the generally disciplined and law-abiding S’pore. Maybe it’s the culture here, money-driven, me-myself-and-I society… more so in S’pore. The people here in HK are generally more vocal than back home, and would really make their voices heard, whether through demonstrations on the streets or on a smaller scale like the Bus Uncle.

I am not much for direct confrontations, so I reckon even if someone speaks so loudly on the bus, I would just choose to ignore it, comment to D how some people aren’t civic-minded at all, turn up my IPOD and get off the bus at my destination. That guy has the right to speak on the phone, but I also have the right not to listen to your discussion, if only people are more conscious of others and not just think about themselves and their conveniences. Basic courtesy and respect not something people take very seriously anymore. And I am afraid that S’pore may turn out to be like that.

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