We’ve Done It…

Just under 2 weeks ago, D & I have finally gotten down to doing it… having our first tattoo that is. We had been talking about it for some time now, years actually, but we never did it for various reasons.

D has always wanted to get a cross, to remind him of the bad patch he had couple of years back. His reason seems to be more obvious and real unlike mine. I just wanted to do something that I would not usually do. Maybe it is the rebellious streak that has been suppressed by my upbringing all these years and the thought of making this decision even if it is for no big reason feels somewhat gratifying and free. And I suppose I just want to do something before I become a mum, and also to remember this time that I have in HK with D. We joked that if our kids ever want to get a tattoo, at least we can tell them,”Sure can, but we had ours at 29 and 35, so wait till when u are of that age first.”


I decided to get a small one, length 10.5 cm and height 3cm and on my lower back; D’s cross is bigger and higher up his back, just under his neck. I reckon I didn’t want a big one right across my waist, just a small one in the middle part of the lower back, and a simple tribal-like design and have the letter “C” intertwined within it.






My Tattoo

 davidz.jpg D’s Tattoo

If you ask me if it was painful, I would say yeah, certain parts. Mine wasn’t too complicated, and since it is small, the experience was only about 50 mins. However it still does hurt when the outline was done. The pain wasn’t so much countless needle pricks and it doesn’t hurt till I squirm or cry in pain, but I can’t imagine doing a huge one that covers the entire back. That can’t be done in one sitting anyway… D’s took more than an hour ‘cos it was bigger and more intricate, and he commented that it was painful when the needle was over his spinal area.

We went to see this female tattooist, Sze (a local hongkonger but mainly cater to angmohs), and felt easy to talk to. Our main criteria is an unique design, and well, she delivered with her designs that were emailed to us to and fro with modifications and provided us with her professional and artistic viewpoint. The cost: HK$1300 for mine and HK$1800 for D’s. I don’t know what the rates are like in S’pore or even in HK, but I felt the important thing is for us to click with the person who holds the needle… and like D said, it is even more worth the money cos Sze is pretty… Haiz, and it’s true. Even I think so too.

miami-ink.pngWe have been watching this show called “Miami Ink” on cable, which is about a group of tattooists who come together to open a tattoo shop in Miami, and each has a certain tattoo specialty. Basically it is one of the many reality series that are currently on TV. Dunno if it is shown in S’pore.

One response to “We’ve Done It…

  1. “ARGH!!! You both got a tattoo!!!! Sadly… I’m too chicken to go have one.. Incidentally, hubby was asking me just yesterday nite.. he wants another one.. but no idea on where and wat design.. Sigh…” Auntie Carole.

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