Virgin Voter

So exciting, I didn’t think I will ever get the chance to fill in the polling card and vote in my life. Tomorrow, 6th May 2006 Saturday, will go down in my life’s history as a first-time voter, virgin voter siah. What’s more, I am going to do it out of S’pore. Will “chronicle” that tomorrow when I go to the S’pore’s Consulate in Admiralty, HK.

I didn’t think I will be so into this entire polling/election thing. Afterall, it is a given that the ruling party will still be the ruling party. But it is very interesting, almost refreshing, to know that there are so many more opposition contestants this election. I do think it takes a lot for a S’porean to stand for elections, especially as an Opposition member. In a way, I have been brought up not just by my parents, but also by PAP via its various policies, education (PAP kindergarten) and as a civil servant. It will seem right to stand with PAP, whether out of loyalty, reciprocration or just fear of the unknown. So it intrigues me to know that there are people who become opposition members.

Anyway the responsibilty as a S’porean will rest on my shoulders, as I hobble to the consulate tomorrow on my twisted left knee, which has been hurt since Tuesday.

One response to “Virgin Voter

  1. good luck.
    feel good.–>

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