Spring Has Begun

I suppose last week’s freaky, frigid and late winter days were the last ones we experienced for the year, and temperatures have been going up. Still, it is not too humid yet (July and Aug are the worst) and you know that Spring has arrived when the stores have put up the latest Spring/Summer collection. Pay day next week, and I already have a few items in mind.

Tomorrow, D & I will be going to Tung Lung Chau and climbing for the whole day. This will be our 2nd trip there (the maiden trip was done last year), and is organised by the YMCA Gecko Club. I had signed up for the both of us just a day before the deadline, and asked the lady how many people had signed up, and her reply was “Two”, that is D & I. Oh ok… I told D later that the trip could be cancelled since it’s just the 2 of us. So it’s a nice surprise to know that the trip is on, cos I have fond memories of Tung Lung Chau. I am wondering where the guide will take us, cos if it’s that wall near the raging waves, it will be quite an obstacle course to get there. I remember how clumsy I was negotiating the huge boulders, jagged and slippery at times, climbing up and down on my flip flops and fearing a slip would result in a sprained ankle or worst, a broken one.

D is currently packing our gear and preparing his 20D to take some shots while we are there tomorrow. I had just completed preparing tomorrow’s lunch (sausage & mushroom sandwiches) that we will be taking along with us (cost at HKD100 pax doesn’t include lunch).

Dragon Boat season is starting again, and some of us are rowing again… it is probably going to be a all-girl’s team this year. Some of our previous rowers aren’t taking part this year whilst we have new ones joining us. I doubt we will win anything, it is just for fun.

Got to snooze soon, and praying hard for good weather, clear blue skies, cool breeze and generally a safe climb.

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