When’s the hols coming?

It’s been some moons since I last blogged… the usual’s been happening anyway. Since D & I returned to HK from our Xmas break (which is about 3 weeks ago), I have been working hard, or maybe I should say, I have been trying to work hard.

Then I had a bout of bronchitis about 2 weeks ago, most probably got it when I was at the Outward Bound Camp in Sai Kung cos the temps dropped quite a bit to about 9 degrees and I supposed I didn’t keep myself warm enough.

There are lots more activities and programmes the 2nd half of the academic year, and all these planning, preparation, execution of duties etc can really drain my energy. My only consolation is that I am not the ones who are higher up the hierachy, those in the leadership and/or middle management positions. Been there, done that, and it’s simpler and easier to be the follower. Whatever people say, just do lor, as long as it doesn’t go against my principles and value system.

Anyway, this coming week will be a short one, basically 2 days of teaching since Monday is the Math/PE Games Day (both my P5 classes have to put up a game each); Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebrations on Thurs till 1030 and school will close from 27th Jan to 12th Feb for the CNY Hols.

D & I will be back in S’pore on the night of the 26th Jan and stay for a few days visiting relatives and giving ang baos before flying off to Phuket for a weeklong diving trip. Originally we were supposed to go to Cebu, but the roof of the resort there has collapsed. So the trip has changed to a couple of days diving in and around Phi Phi Island, another couple of days doing a Liveaboard (i.e. staying on a dive boat) with dives in the Similan National Marine Park. Will be doing some videos underwater, using the 2nd hand underwater housing & video cam that D got for me from ebay.

Then it’s back to S’pore for a few more days before returning to work and reality in HK.

The countdown starts…

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