Preparing Our Stall “Hang Me” Before The Fun Fair

Last Saturday, the PTA (Parents-Teachers Association) of our school organised a fun fair to raise funds for the school. Most of the stalls, particularly food stalls, were solicited by the parents in the PTA, while us teachers had to plan and manage some game stalls.
Our game “Hang Me” is a simple one which requires pupils/adults to throw 5 clothes hangers to hook onto any part of the contraption we had constructed. As long as the player manages 2 successful hooks, we will give the player a ticket to exchange for a prize.
Here are some fotos of us doing up the stall.

me-patric.jpgMe and Patric with some of his favourite toys

Btw, wrong date… the owner didn’t change the date on her camera.


At our stall:                                 


We had put up Patric’s toy collection on our neat little contraption and pasted pictures of animals to entice innocent little boys and girls to play our game instead of others. I reckon we did have fun doing up the stall but very tired at the end of the day.

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