Late Nites & The Sniffles

I think I am getting abit too old to stay up late on consecutive nites…

Mon 31st Oct –> Halloween Bash @ Ocean Park (Fotos later):

D & I, together 5 other frens, were at Ocean Park in the evening and by the time I actually slept, it was about 1am. 5 hours later, I had to wake up to get ready for school. What made it worse was the fact that I didn’t sleep well the night before, hence by Tues morning, I was a walking zombie.

Tues 1st Nov –> Nitrox Lesson @ Diving Adventure:

It started around 7.45pm, and we had to do the Knowledge Review (lots of complicated calculations) and a 25-qn test (more complicated calculations & tricky MCQs). Our instructor, Ah Shuen, went through the qns with us so that we understood where our mistakes were… by then, I was really squirming in my seat hoping that the session would end soon as I could feel the onset of a bad headache and droopy eyelids. The session ended just after 11pm and again, I went to bed ard 1am.

Wed 2nd Nov : School was generally a matter of counting down the hours, and nursing the pressure that was brewing at the top of my head and around my eyes… I was sniffing and my throat was on fire. Yikes, it’s the dreaded cold again… I “survived” the meeting which was held after school. Against D’s instructions, I didn’t see the doc and thought my cold will go away after an early night’s sleep.

Thurs 3rd Nov, Today: Saw the doc and got the medical leave… I asked him why is it that I am still suceptible to flu when I was just vaccinated against flu 2 weeks’ back. The good Doc said that there is a wide variety of respiratory viruses, and the flu vaccine I had will protect me from the most serious variant but not the others. Also the term “flu” has actually been used as a generic term for all these different respiratory viruses but actually it refers to the most serious variant “influenza”. So what I have been getting is the different respiratory viruses, and not flu per se.

Still I think it’s basically a sum of all these late nights, close proximity to people who are sick around me, and the chili tapioca snack that I had eaten on Tues afternoon… sigh.

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