Office Pets

cmt.jpgRemember last week I wrote about D who went to his office to clean up his company’s fish tank… well, I was at his office later that evening as he had to do some work too. So there I was, bored as usual, played my PSP and took pics around his office, particularly the aquarium.
Yup, this is the name of D’s company. It’s quite a small office, totally male-dominated (about 10 men of different nationalities) except for the auntie who drops by daily to clean the place.
I haven’t seen the fish tank in a while, and heard about the horrendous killings that were carried out by the infamous mini-lobster which these guys bought. The latest tragedy occurred when two small turtles-lookalikes (dunno the name in English, but its shell is not hard, is quite small, and have flippers like those wild sea-turtles) were mauled by the mini-lobster.
collage8.jpgIt’s quite a small aquarium, and since I am not a fan of fish unless it’s cooked, I really can’t tell one fish from another… to me, they are just fish.
Anyway, there is a yellow puffer which spends its time bobbing up and down the side of the tank, looking at its reflection; a yellow fish which keeps bugging and snapping at the Bottom-Feeder; a crab, two fish which I think are Discus; that infamous mini-lobster which is actually an Australian Blue Yabby and some shrimps which are originally food for the fish but are now in hiding and surviving.

 yabby2.jpg yabie.jpg  The Oz Blue Yabby

Incidentally, there are quite a no. of Ozzie Blue Yabby recipes on the Net. Hmmm….

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