Bored Siah…

I am supposed to plan my lessons for the coming week, but find it such a drag to get started. I ended up playing a couple of rounds of Ridge Racer on my PSP and surfed the net.

D has gone to his office to meet a few other colleagues to clean the company’s fish tank, which had seen a few massacres the last few months. I should finsh my work before I meet him later in the evening… if only I can just psyched myself and get down to the necessary.

Weather in HK hasn’t been that great this week due to the impending typhoon, which brought about really hot weather in the early part of the week. Right now, the wind is really strong and I reckon the rain will come later.

I was looking at these thick clouds zipping across my window. Just a while ago, the sun was still shining bright, now it’s all dark and overcast.

I was sick on Wednesday and took the day off on Thursday… people around me have been sniffing and coughing in school, and I reckon the crappy heat didn’t help either. And the biggie ulcer on the side of my tongue has been irritating me since Tues.

Really bored now, suddenly there isn’t anything to do on Saturday. The past few months, there is always something to do on Saturday, whether it’s climbing, diving or meeting up with friends. Actually maybe I should get my butt off to the gym, it’s been quite a while since I last went there.

So here I am, at home, with Astrud Gilbert, Michael Buble, Hillsongs and Matchbox Twenty keeping me company, while my work is still strewn all over the floor.


It’s times like this when I wonder how a kid will fit into my simple life. Maybe I should get back to work before my imagination runs over me.

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