Club Med Lindeman Island, Blue Mts & Sydney (Fotos Excerpts)

collage1.jpgHere are some fotos that I took wif my trusty 7610… I luv this phone very much, really convenient to just whip it out and take some shots, which are clear enuf to post on my blog. D took lots of photos with his Canon 20D, which can be viewed in Webshots (Click on the highlighted titles to go there).

Club Med Lindeman Island


Great Barrier Reef



collage21.jpgEnroute To Places by Trains, Buses & Planes







Katoomba, Blue Mountains

31-07-05_1437.jpg image416.jpg image420.jpg

Rock Climbing @ Blue Mountains:
My 1st Abseil (7m Wall):
1) Getting Ready With Dave The Intstructor

2) Safety Checks & Instructions

3) The Scariest Part – Stepping Over The Edge

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