Secondary Mates

The best years of my life were spent in MGS … those tumultous stormy adolescent years; pigging out in fast food joints, waffles and Swensen’s Earthquakes; going to the ladies not in ones or twos but in “gangs” of at least 5 girls. In between, we studied and did well.
Of all those friends who came and went out of my life, there are still the few that lasted through the years like these gals… can’t believe we are all way past teens, but we still look good, young and all.

image353.jpgOisan & I 


Elaine & Anthea

Till now, we would still meet at least a couple of times each year over more food and desserts. Just last evening, the four of us met at NYDC, Wheelock Place. Some things just don’t change.
There are actually 2 more members in this group, Charlene and Sharon, both of whom are in Vancouver and LA respectively. It will be great if we could all gather back together and just hang out like years ago.
Do I think of the past often? Yes, in a way although sometimes things get a little hazy and I can’t remember some things. Did I wonder, in secondary school, what we would all be like when we are all 29? Not quite since it was already tough thinking about the O-levels at that time.
I don’t really like to think too far ahead, ‘cos plans do change, things do happen. Still, it is interesting to think about what we will be like in 10 years’ time.

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