Back In S’pore For Summer Hols

Just a quick update… currently at my parents’ place waiting for my mum to finish cooking dinner and for the bird nest soup that she prepared earlier to cool before D and I drink it.

Both of us left our respective workplaces last Friday around 3-plus in the afternoon to catch the 1830 SQ flight. Dinner on board was good, inflight entertainment was ok (watched a comedy which was quite funny but have forgotten the name at this point in time). We experienced some turbulence during the flight, especially during our dinner. Both of us were quite hungry so the “bumpy air” didn’t affect our appetite too much.

The 1st thing we did yesterday was breakfast at Ah Kun and had kaya & butter toast, kopi and teh-peng, half-boiled eggs and Cheezy French Toast… missed Ah Kun lots. After that, I made some impromptu arrangement to meet up with some friends for Dim Sum lunch before dropping by at my ex-school. Reason being my friend had to report to school to take her class to the Padang for the NDP Preview. Later at night, we found out that an experienced parachutist from the Commandos had a bad landing and broke his leg during the NDP Preview.

After that D and I went to Creative in some far flung part of S’pore to replace his Zen Micro which has a faulty headphone jack. It was a free exchange as his Zen Micro was still under warranty.

The 3rd thing we did yesterday was to do some climbing at an indoor climbing gym called Climb Adventure… there were a number of routes with walls up to 5.5m high and most importantly, airconditioned.

Another week to go before we return to HK on the 17th Jul when D will return to work while I continue to bum for at least 6 weeks… yeah, summer hols is great 😉 Can’t wait to go for our Club Med hols at Lindeman Island and climbing in the Blue Mountains on the 23rd Jul to 2nd Aug. More on that when we get there… in the meantime, it’s meeting up with friends and family in S’pore.

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