Frank Miller’s SIN CITY

sincity.jpgD and I went to catch Sin City yesterday in the evening. I just had to find something to look forward to, cos it was such a slow Monday and marking 60-70 compositions (exams now) in the afternoon isn’t my idea of fun.

I didn’t know about Sin City the comic until this movie came along… D had told me that the movie is filmed somewhat in the style of the comic, I didn’t know what that meant until I saw the show.

I must say, it is definitely different from the usual Hollywood action movie, all bang-bang, bullet spray, huge explosion and killings. It’s quite arty-farty, very film noir, dark and disturbing storylines about crimes, passion, revenge (whether justified or not… the theme repeats throughout the movie) and sacrifice.
One of the most disturbing character was Kevin (played by Elijah Wood, no lines in the movie but just looking menacing and evil) who was a cannibal and preyed on hookers. Together with his foster-father of sorts, an important Cardinal, both would feast on these hookers that no one would miss. And through the cannibalism, both weirdos would find intimacy with God… very disturbing.
There were times when I had to cover my eyes when the killings become too gross; but because the movie is mainly in different shades of grey and white, even the “bloody” scenes were white.
Catch the movie, it’s really good. Waiting for the DVD to be out, one of those movies that I can buy and keep.

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