Accumulated Updates…

It’s been a while since I last blogged… Last week, it was quite hectic and I was just so tired out after each work day. But I am glad that it had ended and all ready to tackle the coming one.

Exams are coming in another week’s time, and I can’t wait for the term to end (30th June… one more month).

I don’t think I had written this, but after almost 2 months of having an easy life in this school (basically taught non-core subjects such as Social Studies and PE, and took care of 3 Primary 6 pupils in the Math Support Class), I was given a Primary 3 class and became its Form Teacher. There is a long story behind this, but the gist is that the ex-Form Teacher of that class left the school and since I am the “excess” teacher around, guess who had to take over the class.

Just to highlight – I was told to take over the class at 5pm on that “fateful” Tuesday and start my new duty the next day, without any textbooks or idea of what the pupils are like. Frankly, I hate to take over someone else’s “mess” but what to do… So on that Wednesday, I became busy after a long time of R & R. Actually, I think it has got quite a lot to do with the fact that I told D repeatedly that “I am bored” during the initial months. And D thinks that God heard that loud and clear and decided to “unbored” me. Sigh…

But I have grown to like this class of 23 boys and girls, and am glad to say that I have “trained” them quite well… Will miss teaching them if I don’t teach P4 the next academic year. May teach higher grade levels instead.

As for now, I am keeping as low a profile as possible, and be contended with doing the thing I enjoy most, i.e. concentrate on teaching and being with the kids. On the other hand, I am keeping my eyes and ears open for a job which will pay me well, allow me to sleep till 10am and come home early… hee hee. Anyone hiring?

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