Boulderactive @ Plaza Singapura 27th Mar 2005

This is kinda late posting… had to wait for Toshi to be “resurrected” b4 I could upload my photos.
boulderactive1.jpgWe saw this bouldering competition when we were back in S’pore during the Easter Break. It was basically run by some NUS students and Climb Asia.

We had watched a similar competition in HK last month and one observation I made was that there was twice the number of people running Boulderactive, but time taken for the competition to get started took twice as long. It seemed like the NUS students were just standing around, talked too much to one another and couldn’t quite fixed the holds quickly and confidently.
We saw some good and bold bouldering moves; cheered when the participantsboulderactive2.jpg were successful and sighed when they fell.
D & I are still very much novices in this sport, but we totally understand how tough it is to hold the entire body weight by just two fingers on each hand, or reaching for the one hold that is beyond the overhang.
There is a lot of training involved, not just the necessary strength in the arms, but also strength in the fingers and good techniques for different holds. To me, I do think that being light is an additional advantage. It will be quite tough to support a heavy body with just 4, or even 2 fingers. Sigh, I have lots to lose….

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