Hong Kong Bouldering Competition 2005

boulderingcomp.jpgD and I went to watch some expert bouldering after lunch. This competition is a collaboration between the HK & China Sports Climbing Associations and was held at a shopping mall (Plaza Hollywood @ Diamond Hill).
The competition actually started on Saturday with different categories, from the youths to the adults, male and female.We caught the Open Category late afternoon and were impressed with the participants’ skills. I told D that I will train hard and will take part in a competition like this by 35. D looked at me speechless, and rolled his eyes.

The walls were being prepared by assistants, who had to fix the hand holds onto specific parts of the wall.

Some of the walls only had like 5 or 6 holds ,and I wondered how the climbers would get from one end to the other. The starting and finishing points were denoted by blue tape, while yellow tape was used to highlight one or two hand holds, which were compulsory for the climbers to use when bouldering.

b1.jpg b5.jpg b2.jpg

The skills I saw were amazing and it’s not just brute strength but the techniques that make a difference.
I have a long way to go with this sport….

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