Sick & Sore

Woke up this morning, had my usual cuppa and felt the world crashing down on me… my tummy had act up again!!! It had been like this since last wednesday, everything would be fine and dandy but I would have to zip into the toilet asap to face the major battle of the morning.

I wouldn’t want to go into the details of my daily heave and push… but it was really bad this morning. I just felt like sh** after the entire ordeal, and not to mention, terribly sore in both my tummy area and the nether zone. I called in sick, had a major debate whether I should go to school, but reckoned that I needed the rest.

Slept till 1230 today and woke up to another beautiful sunny day. I had called the clinic to check if the doctor (with whom D’s co. and my school have some tie-up for free consultation) was in. But I had moved my butt a little too late and missed his slot at the clinic. As of now, I had just completed some admin stuff for school and emailed to the respective people and waiting for 4.30pm before I make another call to check if the doc is back.

Had gotten word from D just a while ago that the Sports Climbing class that starts tomorrow is cancelled due to insufficient enrolment. Sigh… but we are put into the next class that will be on Saturdays and Wednesdays… first lesson this Sat. Great!!! I had tried Sports Climbing before, but didn’t quite make it to the top. Still, it was a great experience except that it is really tiring for the novice.

Tummy so far has been quite docile and good… hope this lasts. Now to make that call to the doc.

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