Back Home – 3rd Day & Tired Out ?!?!

This is my 2nd attempt in writing my blog; the first was at around 3pm, Pacific Coffee @ Citylink and when I clicked “Publish Post”, the next screen was the dreaded “Can’t Find Server” error message.
I had actually completed the darn entry but alas, it was not meant to be. Coincidentally, I was unable to access my Gmail a/c either.
I woke up early at 9am today, not out of my own free will, but was awakened by my mobile’s sms ringtone. An ex-colleague wanted to know if I was keen to visit our ex-workplace together and lunch after that. We did the latter instead as I intend to visit school tomorrow. It will be a short schoolday for pupils and teachers because tomorrow’s the eve of the Chinese New Year, and a concert has been planned for this occasion. I just hope that I will be able to wake up at 0630 and be there by 0800. I have been having problems waking up in the morning, and according to D, there were a couple of occasions when I was close to “murdering” the alarm clocks that woke me up.
My sore throat is getting better; I have been drowning myself in lots of water and took my trusted Dorithricin (the best lozenges that work wonders) every 3-4 hours for the last 3 days. I realised how pathetic my body takes to changes in the temperature. When I arrived in HK a month back, I couldn’t take the cold but has gotten used to it; and now that I am back in the tropics, I can’t stand the heat. I have been getting the itch and hoping that my body will not give way to red hot rashes.
D and I had dinner with my grandmother and relatives today, reunion dinner of sorts except it is a day earlier. Wonder why. Nonetheless, we will have another one tomorrow. This time round, it will be at my parents’ place, and a simple birthday celebration for my dad.

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