Zone Out, Pig Out

Most of the time, I have been at home zoning out and watching loads of TV, particularly my daily dose of Discovery Travel and Adventure; Manhunt on Star World, Tuesday; Amazing Race and CSI on AXN, Wednesday. When I was still working, watching TV was such an luxury. I reckon I will just enjoy this while I still can.

Twice last week, I had dinner with D and his colleagues. One was a hotpot/steamboat eatery about 15-minutes walk from the Lok Fu MTR Station. This area is near the old HK airport and is home to quite a number of good restaurants. The soup used in this eatery is supposed to be quite healthy, given a good quantity of traditional chinese herbs. Of course we had loads of fresh slices of beef and lamb to cook in the constantly boiling soup, which probably didn’t make the entire meal too healthy afterall.

The menu was in the traditional chinese characters, which I took some time to recognise and understand. Some of the other “delicacies” that we didn’t try were jackass meat and sheep’s “family jewels”. I suppose we will patronise the eatery again, well, at least to try the jackass meat.

The second dinner was at a traditional Cantonese eatery, near Temple Street. We had to walk through the night market which was streaming with locals and tourists. It was quite good food and I must add that the oyster omelette in HK is definitely different from those back home.

On Saturday, we scoured for fish to replenish D’s office aquarium and bought 2 puffer fish. We went into the pet shop in the vicinity and saw, to our surprise, a 4-month-old ragdoll. This is the cat that D and I want to own and we are currently considering the possiblity of having a pet cat in our apartment.

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